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Lesson 36

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73 Summer Is... - Student's Track
73 Summer Is... - Duet
74 Part of Your World - Student's Track
74 Part of Your World - Duet

Key Points: Pieces 73 & 74


  • As you will now have got used to, Piece 73 is a quicker 6/8. The tune is a folk dance in the form of a round. As with all quicker pieces start slowly to be gin with.

  • Piece 74 is an interesting piece technically because of the rhythm. There is quite a lot of synchopation so do listen carefully to the tracks as preparation.

  • All the 2nd fngers in Piece 73 are back nestled against the 1st finger on both the D string and the A string. On the A string do be careful as to the positioning of the 2nd fingers because the piece contains a passage with only 2nds and opens, i.e. no 1sts to nestle against.

  • Piece 74 also has 2nd fingers back on the A string - although if it had had 2nd fingers on the D string these would have been forwards - this is clue to what's coming up soon.



  • As always start by doing a bowhold check, do a whole bow warm up, playing the scale of D major and G major. This is so easy to do and really helps you check your tuning.

  • To get going pluck through each piece once or twice.

  • Then try with the bow the Student's Track until you feel confident to move on to the duets.

  • Go from plucking to bowing and back to plucking until you are confidently bowing each piece.

  • Don't be in any rush to 'get it right straight away' - being patient will pay off in the long run.

  • Go over previous videos if you think something's not right.

  • Most 'horrible' sounds occur because of a tense right hand causing the bow to 'tremble,' 'bounce' or be 'scratchy'.


2nd fingers - Many of my students start the new 2nd finger position thinking that their 2nd finger is genuinely 'back' against the 1st finger. The reality is that although their 2nd fingers are in a new position they are not actually back far enough. It may only be a slight difference in position but it makes a lot of difference to your tuning.

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