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Lesson 2 - OPEN string pieces

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4 When The Saints - Student's Track
4 When The Saints - Duet
5 Supercal... - Student's Track
5 Supercal... - Duet
6 A-Tisket - Student's Track
6 A-Tisket - Duet

What can go wrong in the pieces?

Most students have a few problems at the stage but there are easy to correct. Firstly, catching the wrong strings which is usually caused by trying to play too quickly. So practise steadily and build up your speed as you become more confident.

Secondly, some students tend to speed up as they play and get out of time with the music.  I recommend that you only begin to play along to the Student Tracks once you've practised the pieces slowly on your own.

Thirdly, although you know you are playing in time, something seems to be wrong with the notes. Do check that you are in tune before starting.

Key Points

  • First of all make sure you violin is in tune.

  • You will continue with plucking the violin in guitar position.

  • The G string is now being added in for you to use. You are also using a minim for the first time.

  • Practise along with the student piece first. Don't be too concerned with music theory. You will gradually learn this as you go on. Information about minims, crotchets and their corresponding rests are on the page in the book where the music is.

  • Practise with the student's track until you are comfortable and then try the duets.

  • As before, gradually reduce the amount of time you spend looking down at your fingers and instrument. Bit-by-bit keep your eyes on where you are in the music.

  • Piece 5 has crotchet rests on the 2nd beat of the bar - you don't play here, you rest.

  • Try to play piece 5 faster as you become more confident.

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